Full Day rates - 5-10 hours per day
6 weeks - 2.5 years: $32 per day or $145 per week
2.5 - 5 years: $28 per day or $135 per week
Kindergarten & older: $25 per day or $120 per week

Half Day rates - 0-5 hours per day
6 weeks - 3 years: $20 per day
4+ years: $17 per day

School-age children - Before or after school, emergency school closing
$3.50 per hour; minimum charge $5 (includes meals and snacks)
Scheduled Early Release afternoons:        $15 (includes snack)

Occasional care: $5 per hour upon availability
Extended day rate (over 10 hours per day):  additional $3 per hour
Family Discount: considered for families with 2+ children enrolled full time

Annual Enrollment Fee: $25 per year

All schedules and fees for the next week are needed by 6am on the previous Thursday.


An enrollment packet, which can be downloaded here, must be submitted for each child. Please fill out this packet and mail it to the 7C's Daycare facility, or drop it off yourself. We look forward to seeing you soon!